/// Services ///

We provide individual or combined project-related services including:

Label Services:

  • Coordination, planning and execution of marketing and/or promotion concepts
  • Social media campaigns and design
  • International distribution interface for album releases (digital and physical including vinyl!)
  • Production of physical and digital recorded music products and the associated administration
  • International licensing deals
  • International label promotion

A&R Office:

  • Booking and acquisition of studios, songwriters, producers, etc.
  • Individualized planning, coordination and execution of productions
  • Service link to the music industry (labels, publishers, advertising, TV & film)

Audio/visual production, marketing & concepts:

  • Live filming & streaming (indoor, outdoor, clubs, arenas, festivals)
  • Video productions (treatment / conception / implementation / consulting)
  • Audio/visual productions and consulting (incl. social media)
  • TV live concert productions (full service production processing incl. full rights clearance & broadcast mastering)
  • DVD / BluRay productions (full service production processing incl. authoring & rights clearance)
  • Multi-track & multi-cam recording

Publishing Activities:

  • Song pitching
  • Song plugging
  • Synchronization acquisition and research

Business Affairs:

  • Consultancy services in contract negotiations with labels, publishers, agencies, etc.

Live Service:

  • Planning and calculation for worldwide touring
  • Crew member acquisition (TM, FOH, drivers, merch, backline techs, helping hands, etc...)
  • Support slot acquisition with established acts
  • Festival promotion

Guest lectures:

  • Chris Klimek is accessable for regular guest lectures or block seminars for professionel development of artists in public or private educational institutions